Self Construct 2009
By Michael Leung
Under the influence of globalization, more people are likely to live in a foreign place, be it permanently or temporarily. With the increasing amount of people moving to a foreign place, the culture of a place, especially in urban areas, will become more diverse. Some might live in harmony, while some might get into conflicts, due to the misunderstanding of the different cultural backgrounds.

The better you know about a culture, the easier it is for you to get along with it. The better you know about a person, the easier it is to get along with him or her. Is it possible for a product to link cultures, people, together and in the process, to increase one’s sense of belonging in a foreign place?

When one moves to another place some objects are more necessary than others – bed and lighting, for example. Some objects are on a second priority – they could make life easier but are not necessary. In my project the objects of the second priority might be composed by people themselves, allowing them to create their own, new identity in a foreign place. The furniture can be put together by hand, it can be formed by knots that sailors or scouts use or be formed in a way similar to cross-stitching, depending on the craft skills the user has. Various versions of one object could be created. In that way, the user’s sense of belonging might increase whereas part of his or her identity could be placed into the object, where it can be discovered by others.

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