Raindrop 2006
By Rony Chan

The design of Raindrop aims to give a harmonious feeling to the people who spend time in VivoCity. The form of Raindrop gives you the feeling of fluidity which makes you feel relaxed and let you shop in a more natural environment. The blue colour matches the colour of the sky and water, while you are in VivoCity. Raindrop would make you feel you are part of the “fluidity”.

Children can play with the Raindrop in different ways: sit and spin, climb through it, or the shoppers could just sit and rest in it. Raindrop is linked to the ceiling of VivoCity, which gives the feeling that it is a sculpture and also part of the architecture, so that when the visitors interact with it, they are also interacting with VivoCity.

1st Prize in VivoCity Student Design Contest in Singapore

Exhibited in
– Singapore Biennale 2006, SG
– Young Achievers’ Gallery, HK

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