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A Hidden Place 2010

We were more sensitive to everything around us when we were small. We see things according to its nature but not what we were told. The very first space we found might have been under the bed, under the table or in the closet. Those were the places we connected our imaginations to, where we were also more sensitive to ourselves, more connected to our mind, because the surroundings were filtered by the “walls” and also our mind.We could re-create this little private space for us to sit and think, or even meditate. Using clothes as the divider where we could be with less interference, yet, still connected to the bigger space. The perspective of the living space is also changed, because we are now looking at it as if we were in an isolated space.

What A closet with a hidden place that is completed by user’s “wardrobe”. Why A private and quiet place is created with walls of clothes. Where In between objects. A hidden place created within the living space but also connects to it. When When you want to connect more to yourself with less interference/ distraction from the outside world. Who Anyone. How The clothes minimize the visual and audio interferences according to the user’s preference.

Exhibited in
– Salone del Mobile, Milan/ Design Academy Eindhoven “This Way”, IT
– Dutch Design Week/ Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, NL
– Inside Design Amsterdam, NL

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